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About Us

Most welcome to TRAFFIC the Kitchen. Bar. Musicroom. & Terrace.

TRAFFIC - is the first has long island bar in penang. Offers an inviting gastropub as a gathering place for friends, a bit of nostalgia and modern twists thrown in. Unique atmosphere and delightful vibes that make "TRAFFIC" a refreshingly new and western food for dining and night entertainment.


‘We want to provide the working professional a place to gather and enjoy 
good food and affordable drinks instead of being stuck in the daily rush hour 
traffic’ say Ken.

Where to spend your great time?

TRAFFIC very much the most strategic drinking spot in Penang. Its positioned at Penang Bellisa Row commercial property located along Burmah Road in the Pulau Tikus neighbourhood.

Relaxing and socializing?

Dotted with high tables and a contemporary open bar, it is steadily picking 
up more patrons on a nightly basis who are mostly there for post-work drinks.

Live band?

With a menu that lists a variety of restaurant quality food, imported Belgian, French and Japanese beers to single malt and scotch whiskies, signature cocktails and a stage with live performances
-Live Band,the question is-pub, restaurant or bistro? Lets visit TRAFFIC outlets below to find out!

Beer? Liquor?

TRAFFIC built upon the concept with the offer of wider selection of both imported and locally brewed beers, a variety of premium liquor, as well as tempting snacks and foods.

↓↓↓↓↓ OUTLETS - PENANG ↓↓↓↓↓

Each of the different TRAFFIC outlets have their own unique identities, and these attributes are conveyed from the interior design of the outlet, to the theme, environment, and as well as determining the type of content for the location. Given the Malaysian love of mingling and hanging out with friends, along with the gastropub ethic of quality food and drinks.


Tel: +604 2189923

Menu of TRAFFIC - Enjoy the Awesomeness

The quality of food at TRAFFIC surpasses many drinking establishments in town. 
With Chef Izac, formerly of Hard Rock Hotel, at the helm of the kitchen, he serves out 
restaurant standard fair of finger food, pizzas, pastas and mains. Chef Izac has fine tuned 
his dishes to be paired fairly well with the wide selection of beers, cocktails and whiskies.